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How to Vision Board to Victory & Achieving Your Goals. Video Below Pre-Recorded PLANNING YOU VISION BOARD from 12-27-2020


Sunday, January 24, 2021
3 pm Pacific Time
Live Course with Dr. Thyonne

Here’s what’s happening when we meet for our 2-hour “do” shop

You will learn the SHIFT system of Vision Boarding:

  • START your STRUCTURE:Create actionable goals for results
  • HONE your HABITS: Find your personal "one thing" that works for manifestation
  • IGNITE your INSPIRATION: Uncover your fast trek path to aspirations

and we're dropping a lot of F-bombs....

  • FIND & FIGURE OUT your FUTURE FOCUS & have FUN: Implement Vision Board
  • TAP TAP TAP IN on your TIME & TALENT: Make the Vision Board Payoff with VICTORY


Yes, I Want In!

Enroll for $29 now for SHIFT Vision Boarding to achieve the ULTIMATE change in your life.

Already know your goals? Got your images and words ready? Great! We will lay them out for VICTORY VISION BOARD success.

Mmm-Hmmm, even if you think they’re already SMART, I’m teaching how to vision into actionable gains and the secret to breaking the cycle of not getting them done.

And, Yippee Kay Yay it’s time to get a move on if you’re ready to SHIFT into gear for a new experience this year.

Setting goals for the new year with Vision Boarding sets you up for a SHIFT to success. This is peak strategic Visioning and the ballpark that I love to play in, cause I’m darn good at this game.  I want you in here with me, visioning, boarding, strategizing and having fun together.

Yes, after the Vision is the Victory Lap After party and you’ll leave feeling….

♣    Accomplished because you will have identified and planned your goals.

♣    Ready to take on new challenges with a Vision Board roadmap.

♣    Prepared to move into a SHIFT with confidence

♣    Convicted that you can achieve what you put your mind to

♣    Supported in the process and beyond that you can SHIFT anything to the next level.

Yes, I Want In!

Enroll for $29 - Vision Boarding to achieve an ULTIMATE LIFE SHIFT.

A Note from Dr. Thyonne Gordon:

"When I finally learned what it takes to create the life I want through Vision Boarding with achievable goals, I was over the moon! And, the day I actually looked back and realized my dreams had come true... you could have knocked me over with a spoon!

You see, I’d cracked a code that was long overdue in understanding why I hadn’t had continued success in my aspirations.  Once I opened the magic box of tools, taught in this training, I was propelled into win, win, win! 

Now, with over 30 million in revenue from the organizations I’ve worked with and hundreds of executive and entrepreneurial clients having victory laps, I am ready to share my secrets to help you reach your desired goals.

There is nothing I value more than helping others understand and live into their true potential. A vision-centered mindset coupled with the fun of vision boarding sets a solid ground for this AND it’s why I’m offering this class NOW. 

For 2 hours we will get into the nitty-gritty of goals, vision boarding and getting what you want.

I can’t wait to share this gift with you!"

Yes, I Want In!

Enroll for $29 now for Vision Boarding to achieve your ULTIMATE LIFE CHANGE!


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